What is a GRID connect solar panel system?

Grid connected solar panel systems are connected to the electricity supply grid. An inverter converts DC low voltage power generated by the solar panels to 240V AC household supply. The smart meter also manages how much electricity is drawn from or fed back into the grid. When excess “Green” electricity is fed into the grid, the meter ticks backwards, so the household only pays the difference between what is fed and drawn.

What is a HYBRID solar system

Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid solar power systems can be the best of both worlds: You get the guaranteed (well, 99.9% of the time) electricity supply of the grid, with the ability to store your excess solar energy for use when the sun isn’t shining. You can also switch over to your own battery reserves if the grid goes down (if the inverter is capable).

Hybrid systems are also at least half the price of an off-grid system and don’t require diesel back up. They’re still more expensive than a purely on-grid system, but the benefits of those batteries are persuading an increasing number of people to pay the premium.

What is a OFF-Grid Solar System (Stand Alone)?

This system is when your Solar systems provides all the power you need to run your house with batteries and is not connected the electrical grid. With this system your house changes over to the batteries at night and uses the solar panels during the day to power your house and recharge your batteries.

Are solar systems as effective in winter?

Solar Photovoltaic systems rely on sunlight and ultra violet rays, not heat. So while there may be fewer hours of sunlight in winter, the actual conversion of power is unaffected by the change in season. However, you will benefit from extended hours of sunlight in the summer.

What happens in a blackout?

A grid connect solar system needs both the electrical and the solar panels to run correctly, it will shut down until both the panels and the electrical grid has been restored. It will not power your house whilst in a blackout.

Hybrid systems have the ability to run off the battery and solar panels when there is a blackout, the SOLAX has a EPS (emergency power supply) option. This has to be wired into the switchboard via a changeover switch (not automatic) so ask us how.


Power never goes out!

Does the solar system work at night?

A grid connect system: no, the inverter shuts down at night, once enough light hits the panels the inverter will automatically turn on and start to operate.

Hybrid: yes, the inverter will continue operating and discharging the battery for use during the night.

Off grid: yes, the house inverter will operate all night discharging the battery as needed during the night, the PV inverters will stay idle until enough light hits the panels in the morning and starts to recharge the battery.

Will it work straight away?

Once installation is complete the system is running and saving you money, however the feed-in tariffs will not work until the smart meter on your house has been re-programmed to accept export to the electrical grid (this can take up-to 4 weeks depending on your local distributor).

What if i have a flat roof?

We have tilt systems available to bring the panels up to the appropriate angle for your area to maximise your output.

Will the electrician installing the solar system be qualified?

Yes, We are licensed electricians and are accredited in Design and Installation of Photovoltaic systems by the Clean Energy Council.

How long does the installation take and do i need to be there?

Around 6 hours depending on the size of the system and yes.

What are VV's payment options?

Cash, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT),  cheque and credit card facilities available (2% surcharge).

Whats the process of ordering a solar system through VV?

* Fill out the booking form and pay the deposit.

* Powercor or Power SA solar pre approval will be lodged for your property by VV (if grid connect or hybrid)

* Turn around time for installation is 2-3 weeks.

* System will be installed and running, sign paperwork for lodging and pay remainder of invoice on the day of installation.

* If in VIC a Powercor independent inspector will inspect the system and lodge paperwork to Powercor and your retailer( this can take up to 2-4 weeks) If in SA , All paperwork will be lodged to Power SA and your retailer,  this process can also take up to 2-4weeks.

*******Please note: do not change your power retailer during this process as the paperwork will have to be redone, this can take another 2-4 weeks. Once paperwork is lodged THEN go shopping for a new retailer!

* Process finished and your running on solar!



What are the government rebates on solar systems?

Small-scale technology certificates, commonly called ‘solar credits’ or ‘solar rebates’, are tradeable certificates provided by the Commonwealth Government as an incentive to install renewable energy products, such as solar panel systems.

When you purchase a system from VV you sign over the certificates to us to bring down the price of the solar system. All paperwork is lodged on your behalf via an contract.

The most common way to get these certificates is through a registered agent, such as a solar panel company. The company gives you an up-front discount off the cost of the system, or an equivalent cash payment, and then seeks reimbursement of the discount from the Government. Alternatively, you can create and trade these certificates yourself.

The number of credits and the discount or cash payment amount you receive will depend on the installation location and the amount of electricity in megawatt hours (MWh) the system will generate over 13 years or by 2030 – whichever comes first. One certificate is equivalent to one megawatt-hour of electricity production over that period.

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